News - RED builds gardens of Poets Park

RED builds gardens of Poets Park

RED builds gardens of Poets Park

The consortium formed by Edifer and Artemisia awarded RED the construction of the irrigation system and gardens of the 2nd phase of the emblematic Poets Park, in Oeiras.

The Poets Park is a brand representative of the diversity of current aesthetic, cultural product of an era, harmonious synthesis of tradition and innovation in literature and the national arts. But it is also a pioneering example of how to enhance architectural excellence, how to take advantage of the character of the rough and uneven terrain, how to integrate into the existing urban fabric a work of landscape art without equal.

The work includes the site preparation, construction of the irrigation system, installation of grass and crops in an area of approximately 6.000 sqm.

RED welcomes this job because it is a work which, by its size and level of technical requirement, will constitute another landmark in the first line of the company's portfolio.