News - Revolution in Line Marking

Revolution in Line Marking

Revolution in Line Marking

RED has launched a revolutionary technology in line marking for natural and synthetic pitches, developed by Linemark UK: iGo machine and Impact XP paint.

The marking of synthetic or natural sports pitches implies large expenditures of labor and water. These costs are optimized by the IGO machine as it provides a high-pressure delivery of Impact XP paint to the target surface.

The Impact XP is the most advanced, ready to use line marking paint, not requiring the mixing of other elements or its dilution. With the Impact XP paint you can mark up to 7 football fields without refueling the iGo machine.

With the new iGo machine and Impact XP paint, marking pitches is:

1. faster;
2. cheaper;
3. less water consuming;
4. more durable and resistant to water from rain or irrigation.

Therefore, this new tecnology is the ideal solution for marking natural and synthetic pitches in sports complexes.

Contact RED to have perfect, durable lines, with high brightness and high definition!

You can check the operation of the machine in the following video:
Download: iGo & Impact XP Brochure (1MB)